The other day my husband and I went shopping for women’s golf equipment since our daughter has been asking us for a new set of clubs. Apparently she has made great strides on the golf team at her school, but her coach said that she needed better equipment.

I am a decent golfer myself, but really don’t know much about golf equipment for women and what I should be looking for. Our daughter is getting really good, so after looking at the different sets of golf clubs because we wanted to give her a surprise on her birthday, we decided it was best to get them custom fitted to her.

Custom fitted clubs are much better since they take into account the type of swing you have, plus your ability and also height. For a woman it is obviously much different than a man, so the clubs must be made in such a way to help them achieve better distance and accuracy.

When we told our daughter we were going to get her a brand new set of custom fitted clubs, needless to say she was ecstatic. Let’s just hope the clubs we pick work very well for her!